Current Priorities

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Endowment + Expendable = Indispensible

Endowment Funds

Advancement or General Endowment Funds support campus wide programs and activities.
Employee Scholarships support our employees pursuing undergraduate or advanced degrees.
Memory Care Excellence supports programs and specially designed for those with memory loss.

Expendable Funds

Assisted Living Life Enrichment Fund supports programming for assisted living residents.
Benevolence Fund provides funding for life care residents who no longer have assets.
Care & Rehabilitation Center Dignity Fund assists residents with specialty equipment or care.
Care & Rehabilitation Center Discretionary Fund
Chaplain Fund is managed by Glacier Hill’s full-time chaplain.
Employee Emergency Loan Program provides no-interest loans to qualified employees.
Home Care Fund supports training and recognition of our Home Care workers.
Landscaping Enhancements Fund includes varied outdoor benefits for the community.
Learning Institute provides employee online training and professional development.
Manor & Meadows Life Enrichment Fund supports a variety of activities for these residents.
Resident Services Discretionary Fund
Wellness Center Fund purchases equipment and supports programs for this campus area.

Whether you chose to help us build our endowment funds or provide expendable support for immediate use. . .or both. . .we promise to use your gift as designated and wisely.

Thank you for making a vital difference in the lives of those we serve and those who provide their care

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