There are many bright, dedicated, and gifted people who provide leadership and guidance throughout the year to ensure that the highest standards of performance and professionalism are applied in the Foundation’s work. Our leadership volunteers today are:

Board & Committee Member Listings

Foundation Board of Trustees
Community & Resident Members: April 1, 2016 - March 31, 2017
  • John Balbach, Chair
  • Delores (Dee) Brehm
  • John Eman
  • Paul Glendon
  • Lawrence (Larry) Grace
  • Karl Hauser
  • Mary Jo Lynch
  • Jan Barney Newman
  • Kenneth (Ken) Nisbet
  • Joyce Plummer
  • Raymond (Ray) Rabidoux,  President
  • Charles (Chuck) Reinhart
  • Margaret (Margie) Reynolds
  • David (Dave) Skaff, Treasurer
  • Donna Snyder, Vice Chair
  • William (Bill) Stapleton
  • Victor (Vic) Strecher
Staff Members:
  • Kristine Bradley, Administrative Assistant
  • Shelley MacMillan, Executive Director, GH Foundation
  • Larry Petroskey, Senior VP for Business Strategies, GH, Inc.
Strategic Implementation
GHF Trustees:
  • John Balbach, Committee Chair
  • Ray Rabidoux, President & CEO
GH Staff:
  • Shelley MacMillan, Executive Director of the Foundation
Nominating Committee
GHF Trustees:
  • Larry Grace, Committee Chair
  • John Balbach
  • John Eman
  • Ray Rabidoux
GH Staff:
  • Shelley MacMillan, Executive Director
Gift Acceptance & Distribution Committee
GHF Trustees:
  • John Eman, Committee Chair
  • June Bennett
  • Ray Rabidoux
GH, Inc. Board:
  • Lyle Dahlberg
GH Inc. Staff:
  • Larry Petroskey, GH Inc.
GHF Staff:
  • Jean Christensen, Administrative Assistant
  • Shelley MacMillan, Executive Director
Scholarship Committee
Community Representatives:
  • Mary Ann McDonald, Chair
  • Connie Dunlap
  • Dora Borsattino
  • Dee Brehm
  • Joan Dickson
  • Molly Dobson
  • Harriet Fusfeld
  • William (Bill) Knapp
  • Juliet Pierson
  • Victor Strecher
GH Staff:
  • Shelley MacMillan,  ED Foundation
Gifts of Art & Tangible Property
GH Staff:
  • Ray Rabidoux, President & CEO
  • Shelley MacMillan, Executive Director of the Foundation
  • Chris Eubanks, Director of Facilities
  • Deborah Cherrin, Principal for Nova Executive Solutions
  • Nathan Rice, Curator for the Ann Arbor Art Center