Opportunities for Giving

Opening Doors…Changing Lives…with the help of Your Generous Gifts!

Donors help keep extraordinary and exemplary care, and outstanding life enrichment experiences, hallmarks of our Glacier Hills Senior Living Community. But quality is not self-sustaining—it requires constant renewal and rededication. Donations of all sizes and types to the Glacier Hills Foundation help sustain our signature programs, launch new ones, educate, train and retain excellent employees, and expand our capacity to better serve our community now and in the years ahead.

Your contribution guarantees that Glacier Hills will continue to exceed expectations and provide services, programs, and physical enhancements to our buildings and grounds that improve lives each and every day.
Your opportunities for giving are many and we thank you, in advance, for your thoughtful and generous gifts.

Shelley MacMillan
Executive Director

Kristine Bradley
Administrative Assistant

The list below is a sample of established programs and projects. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to explore a new idea or wish to establish a named fund.

  • Glacier Hills Endowment Fund: to support outstanding programming and projects today and in the future
  • Advancement Fund: to help address emerging needs and to embrace new opportunities—both are often unanticipated
  • Benevolent Care Endowment or Expendable Fund: to help our residents receive exemplary care and service for all of their years with Glacier Hills
  • Care & Rehabilitation Center Fund: to provide funds for items and programs to enhance the care environment
  • Employee Emergency Fund: to help qualified employees weather unexpected and sudden “storms” through this interest free loan program
  • Employee Scholarship Programs: to provide support and encouragement to employee scholars through our Glacier Hills Pooled Fund or Named Funds—awards are made twice annually through an established application and review process
  • Landscaping & Gardens: to enhance the beauty of campus with general or specific selections — trees, benches, bird feeders, raised gardens — often dedicated to someone
  • Learning Institute: to bring classes and training to our campus to assist employees and residents in staying current and ahead of the game
  • Life Enrichment Programming: to help take on-campus and off-campus offerings to a higher level
  • Memory Care Excellence Endowment or Expendable Fund: to address the current and increasing need for specialized person-specific programs and activities

Many donors enjoy making a gift in honor or memory of someone special to them. It is simple to do and very much appreciated by the honoree or family member and Glacier Hills.

Be sure to take advantage of our new on-line giving link. It is totally secure and “open” 24/7!

The work of the Glacier Hills Foundation directly and indirectly enhances Glacier Hills’ ability to open doors and change lives of residents, their families, and community members through philanthropy.