Rehabilitation & Amenities

The Care & Rehabilitation Center believes that a higher level of well-being can be achieved through a more comprehensive approach to healing. Our environment and therapeutic strategy is specially designed to promote every aspect of quality of life.

The Care & Rehabilitation Center rehabilitation & amenities include:

  • A Rehabilitation to Home Suite simulating a real-world living environment with a full kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom and amenities such as a washer and dryer to support your successful transition when returning to home.
  • Unsurpassed aquatic therapy pool environment including an easy entry therapy pool with lift, treadmill and enhanced temperature controls and lighting to calm and renew body and spirit.
  • Rickshaw® Therapy to develop upper body strength required in transfers.
  • NuStep® to build muscle strength and tone.
  • Endorphin Bilateral Pulley System to isolate and condition specific muscle groups.
  • E-Stim, Diathermy and Ultrasound for neuromuscular electrical stimulation.
  • Nintendo® Wii gaming system to improve fine motor skills and concentration.
  • Stairs and outdoor courtyards to improve walking on varied levels and surfaces.
  • Parallel bars to progress upper body strength and standing balance.
  • Standing board to develop lower body strength and standing balance.