The Learning Institute supports the development of a highly skilled, highly-trained workforce by providing interactive training programs and other learning opportunities that have an immediate impact on behaviors, skills, and attitudes. We promote continuous improvement on a professional level in a fun learning environment for employees.

We proudly take an active leadership role in the Ann Arbor Chapter of the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD).

Our Mission
To enrich the Glacier Hills community by cultivating individual and organizational learning, knowledge, and wisdom.

Our Vision
The Glacier Hills Learning Institute will:

  • Create organizational excellence by developing a person-centered culture supported by highly-trained, highly-skilled work staff.
  • Ensure learning opportunities are accessible to all audiences through educational forums, e-learning, on-site or distance learning and training.
  • Deliver learning experiences that are regarded as Best Practice within the community.
  • Provide personal and professional growth opportunities to employees, residents, families, and the community.