Eva Mueller

Eva’s House was named in honor
of Eva Mueller.

Eva Mueller left behind a legacy and bequest to Glacier Hills and a message—to embrace new ideas and new friends in the years to come. Thank you, Eva, for your special gifts that continue to brighten lives at Glacier Hills both today and for years to come.

In 1997, as a resident of Glacier Hills, Eva Mueller developed deep and genuine friendships, sharing her magnificent preserving spirit liberally and offering caring support daily to other residents and guests alike. Having fled Nazi oppression in Europe as a young teen, Eva especially valued education and freedom. Eva graduated from Smith College as well as Harvard University where she received her doctoral degree in Economics and broke new ground for women in academia. Early on, the University of Michigan welcomed Eva into its Institute of Social Research (1951) where her intellectual gifts were recognized and rewarded as Professor Emerita of Economics (1964-1970) and Research Scientist with U-M Population Studies Center (thru 1988).