The Warchol Best Abilities Care ModelSM

The Life Enrichment Center and Eva’s House offer a level of assisted living dedicated to memory care.

The Warchol Best Abilities Care ModelSM,  provides the positive perspective and support to discover remaining abilities, engage unique personalities and interests, nurture the soul, and cultivate a life of quality.

Eva’s House interdisciplinary team of passionate dementia trained professionals perform a comprehensive assessment of each resident-including use of the powerful Cognitive Disabilities Model of Claudia Allen. The Allen Cognitive Level becomes a roadmap for care partners in designing care and programs that maximize remaining abilities. Each Level informs what independence is possible resulting in elevated emotional well-being, and allowing each resident to function at their highest level every day.

Eva’s House provides a peer-to-peer living environment with households specially designed to meet the individual needs of its residents. Such tailored environments and specifically trained staff create the ideal social and physical setting to enable residents to flourish. Residents easily move through each household as their support needs change. This allows residents to stay within the same nurturing Glacier Hills Community, in a household specially designed for them at every step of the way. Each household provides both the feeling and the place-a home where resident can engage in meaningful activities in a loving, supportive and protected environment. This is a home where residents are surrounded by peers, loved ones and specially trained care partners.