President's Message

Dear Friends,

Glacier Hills along with the rest of the world is experiencing extraordinary times. Covid-19 has changed the way we live our lives. During difficult times, we often see the best come out in individuals. It is no different here on the Glacier Hills campus. I hope you enjoy some of the inspirational moments shared in this edition of Happenings.

Much hard work has gone into keeping our campus safe. Every department at Glacier Hills has stepped up to ensure the safety of our community, from nursing, environmental services, dining, facilities and the administration team. I want to personally thank all residents, families and colleagues for the extraordinary measures they have and continue to take to keep everyone safe from Covid-19. It has truly been a community effort.

The Foundation at Glacier Hills continues to make great contributions to our campus. Many of the donations support enriching resident life here on our campus. The Foundation also plays an important role in supporting the Glacier Hills colleagues; even more so during the Covid-19 crisis due to the impact it is having on them and their families. The support the colleagues receive to be able to enroll their children in the YMCA Child Development Center has been wonderful. Colleagues do not have to worry about their children, which allows them to focus on caring for residents. We are excited to share that we recently received a gift from one of our residents of over $400,000 to start an endowment to fund part of the cost of colleagues’ children that attend the YMCA Child Development Center. We appreciate all the philanthropists that continue giving during difficult times. On behalf of the colleagues who received support, please know it is greatly appreciated.

Many of our strategic goals have been put on hold due the pandemic. Still, even with the additional focus on keeping our campus safe, we are looking at the future of our campus. In the fall, we hope to be able to share exciting plans for the Glacier Hills…stay tuned.

Since starting at Glacier Hills in February, I had hoped to get to know the residents and future residents on a more personal level. The pandemic slowed these efforts. I am looking forward to connecting more closely with the Glacier Hills community and sharing our vision and strategic plans for the future.

Craig R. Courts
President of Glacier Hills