New Volunteers, Internships and PT/OT/SLP Observations

New Volunteers

Online Volunteer Application Form

Thank you for your interest in Glacier Hills. We have many volunteer opportunities and our residents are terrific! Daytime, evening and weekend shifts are available. Volunteers engage with residents and help with life enrichment activities.

Here is what one of our current volunteers has to say about her experience at Glacier Hills.

“I chose to volunteer at Glacier Hills because I had visited the facility before and had been impressed with the facility and staff. My expectations were exceeded when I began volunteering. Staff were friendly, helpful and approachable. Patients were happy and viewed Glacier Hills as their home. The facility had undergone renovations resulting in a most pleasant physical environment. My biggest reward is my interactions with the residents. Everyone has a story, has lived an interesting life and are willing to let me in. I feel privileged to be able to share time with them. Volunteer coordinators have made volunteering easy. I felt doubly rewarded by the support and thanks that they have given me. I want to visit often!” – Liz Aldridge

Watch our video of a volunteer sharing her meaningful experiences. Video
For those interested in becoming part of the Glacier Hills Volunteer team, please complete the online volunteer application form.

If you would like further information before completing the application, please contact: Gabby VanderMolen, Volunteer Coordinator

Unpaid Internships

Glacier Hills welcomes internships done in collaboration with an academic institution. If you are interested in an unpaid internship, please contact Gabby VanderMolen, Volunteer Coordinator   For paid internships please contact:

PT/OT/SLP Observations

Students interested in our PT/OT/SLP observation program:  Observation openings are limited and are generally reserved for students who are participating in a PTA program or applying to PT, OT or SLP grad school.  If this sounds like you, please complete a PT/OT/SLP Application Form.


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